Hot Spring Information

Starting from April 1st. 2007, the use of the outdoor seaside bath from 4:00 pm will only be available for our guests staying overnight.
After 4:00 pm, day trip guests will only be able to use the Hon-kan's Indoor baths.
However, the use of the outdoor seaside bath will be available to day trip guests between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Hot Spring Information

Our Shin-kan Indoor bath has a sauna as well as a bath with a panoramic view of the Sea of Japan.
Beyond the clouds of steam in the main bath lies the grandeur of the Sea of Japan.
Our famous outdoor seaside bath faces the Sea of Japan.
Soak in our outdoor bath while watching the beautiful sunset and listening to the sound of waves.
Summer is Abu and gnats will occur on the coast around open-air bath.
Please refrain from those who are worried the use of early morning or evening.

Shin-kan(Main building)
Bath with a panoramic view of the Sea of Japan
▲Bath with a panoramic view of the Sea of Japan
Shin-kan Indoor bath
▲Shin-kan Indoor bath

Hot Springs of Furofushi Onsen

Nature of spring Ferruginous-natrium-Magnesium-strong salt springs
WaterTemperature 49℃
Fountainhead 466L/min pumped up with motor from under 200m ground
Base Natrium,Calcium,Magnecium 
Benefit Neuralgia, Backache,rheumatics,nick,skin disease
Others not reused
 Added cold water
 All Water of Bathtus are exhausted once a day
Statement of the Hot Spring Main buildingAnnex  * Click

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