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Contact Us

For requesting information or providing comments to KOGANEZAKI FUROFUSHI ONSEN HOTEL,
Please feel free to contact us by e-mail. When calling us in English,
Please be patient if it is necessary to transfer your call to English speaking staff.

*Please read all of the information in the FAQ before contacting us.

Phone Number 0173-74-3500
FAX 0173-74-3540

Reservation is from here.

Frequently Asked Questions

●I'm going to use the "Resort Shirakami" train to get to the KOGANEZAKI FUROFUSHI ONSEN HOTEL. Where is the nearest station, and what kind of transportation is available from the station to the hotel?
  Our nearest station is "JR WeSpa -tsubakiyama station".
There will be a shuttle bus from our hotel waiting at the station based on the arrival time of the "Resort Shirakami Express"train. (No reservation necessary)
When you take a local train and arrive at JR WeSpa-tsubakiyama station, a reservation for our pick-up service is needed.
●What are the hours for the outdoor seaside baths?
  For the guests staying overnight, they will be open from sunup-to-sundown. For the day trip
guests, they will be available from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. However, the outdoor seaside baths may be closed if weather conditions are bad. They will be open during the winter season, but they will not be available when there are high waves on the sea. Due to weather conditions that increase the chances of experiencing high waves, we may need to close the outdoor seaside baths on short notice in winter.
●I'm traveling alone. Do you have single rooms?
  Yes, we do in our western style. Japanese style rooms are designed for multi-occupancy.
So, unfortunately, we would need to charge our double occupancy's individual rate, plus
5,250YEN for a single occupant.
●What's the difference between Plan A and B?
  The rates are changed depending on the contents of the meal. For more details,
please read our "Rates and Services" page.
●Do you accept credit cards?
  All Japanese and most major international credit cards are honored here.
●Are there any sea-view rooms in your hotel ?
  Yes. All our rooms are sea-view rooms.
●Please let me know the time table for JR East Japan.
  Please click the JR web site.
●We are going to book for two people in a Western Twin room.
Can we book for 1 course A dinner and 1 course B. ? 
  Yes, Of course you can.

●Are there any non-smoking rooms ?
  We're very sorry but we do not have any non-smoking rooms.
●What time can I check in to your hotel ?
  Check-in is after 2:00 p.m.
Check-out is by 10:00 a.m.
If you would like to check-in to our hotel much earlier, please let us know in advance by email.
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